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Newcomers & Neighbors offers many varied activities. We are a dynamic organization, continually adding new activities based on our members' interests. Anyone in the Club can propose a new activity or volunteer to chair an existing one. Our current activities are listed below, categorized by type of activity. Calendar events other than luncheons and informational coffees appear on the Club's calendar only to logged-in members.

Contact Activity Director if you have questions, want to volunteer,  or start a new activity.


Book Club -- The book club meets on the first Wednesday of the month to enjoy lunch at a local restaurant followed by a moderator-led discussion of that month's book selection.  We choose our books and discussion leaders in December for the upcoming year from a broad range of both fiction and non-fiction. Books chosen are widely available and at local libraries. Come join us and meet fellow book lovers! 

Mystery Book Club -- The Mystery Book Club meets on the third Wednesday of the month with a volunteer group member choosing a book a few months in advance and then moderating a relaxed discussion. We meet from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the Scottsdale Arabian Library, with an optional lunch to follow at a nearby restaurant. Attendees can contribute as much or as little as comfortable to the discussion. The Mystery Book Club selections include many mystery sub-genres, from cozy to caper.  We are currently seeking a volunteer to chair this activity.  If interested contact Activity Director.

Film Club -- Quiet on the set! The Film Club meets the third Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m. to discuss two films (primarily foreign and independent) chosen the month before. Members mingle until 10:30 and then start the meeting. The meeting takes place at members’ homes. The host serves light refreshments (e.g. coffee, water, cold drinks, fruit, pastry). A moderator for each film agrees to lead a discussion about the plot, characters, themes, music, cinematography etc. The moderator obtains additional information to share with the group via internet, and Film Club members are encouraged to ask questions and make comments. Film Club members attend the movies on their own prior to the meeting. After the meeting participants go to lunch at a nearby restaurant chosen by the host.

Traveling Beyond Our Borders -- Designed to be a social evening for those who have traveled or lived abroad to discuss their experiences of traveling to a foreign land. 

Dinners are planned which are themed around a country to which the hosts have traveled. They will be able to share their adventures, experiences and stories with like-minded people. Everyone is welcome.

Guests bring dishes from the themed country as well as their own alcoholic beverage.  The host will provide coffee, tea and water, and will assign different categories of items (i.e. appetizers, salads, veggies, starch, desserts) to each of the registrants.  


Singles -- This group welcomes all single women and men who enjoy making new friends.  Several outings are planned each month, such as visits to a museum, performances at a local theater, meet and greet, movies, and trivia night.


Appetizing Women -- You say, “what is that”? sounds a little racy, just something you and I would like!  It will be appetizers for happy hour with of course a libation or two. It will be a female cooking group for a Happy Hour menu.  The host opens their house/kitchen and plans the menu, selects the recipes and gets everyone set up to cook. Everyone helps clean up. We cook for 1 1/2 hours, then we eat and drink.  A fair amount of standing/cooking required.

Beyond Arizona -- This activity is designed to be a "pot luck" dinner that incorporates the food from a region anywhere outside AZ.  Great evening to sit down to dinner and socialize at a member's home.  The event generally takes place on the second Friday of the month.  Dinners are themed around the region to which the hosts have traveled/lived.   The hosts share their adventures and experiences, pus any travel tips.  Guests bring dishes from the themed region as well as their own alcoholic beverage.  The host provides the menu and recipes for the dinner  items (i.e. appetizer, salad, veggies, starch, dessert) and registrants will sign up to bring one.  The host provides an entree, coffee, tea and water.

Enjoy Ethnic Dining -- Enjoy Ethnic Dining is a fun activity centered around exploring the multitude of great ethnic restaurants in and around Phoenix.  We will cater to food enthusiasts who desire to try Indian, Brazilian, Asian, and other great tastes while enjoying the company of friends. We visit restaurants which honor individual checks. This activity has been temporarily suspended due to COVID. It will resume when the Activity Chair feels it is safe to do so. 

Happy Hour --  Come join us for Happy Hour at a fun, happening restaurant or bar with great appetizers and reasonably priced drinks!  Meet new and old friends in a casual atmosphere, held once a month on Tuesday. We are currently seeking a volunteer to chair this activity.  If interested contact Activity Director. 

Ladies Breakfast Klatch -- Join us once a month for a fun breakfast outing to have a great time while eating your favorite morning delights.  We meet on the second Wednesday of each month and explore a different Breakfast place each time.  Separate checks for everyone! 

New(er) Members Only (NMO) Meetup -- New(er) Members Only (NMO)  is designed for the newer members of our organization to continue to get acquainted in an informal Happy Hour environment.  Let's get acquainted, share our 'moving to Scottsdale' stories, discuss our interests, and find out who lives nearby.  Any new members or members who still feel like they are new are welcome. Hope to see many smiling new faces! 

Nibbles 'n' Nosh -- Nibbles ‘n’ Nosh is a great way to wrap up a weekend before getting back to the weekday routine. Once a month, usually the first Sunday, we gather in a member’s home for sweet and savory party snacks and mingling with other couples and singles. You bring your own beverage and our hosts provide the rest. We won’t keep you up late; it’s 5:30 to 7:30! We won’t break the bank; it’s only $5.00 per person! We won’t weigh you down with heavy hors d’oeuvres; just enough luscious nibbles so you don’t need supper! We are currently seeking a volunteer to chair this activity.  If interested contact Activity Director. 

The Supper Club -- The Supper Club is a great way to mingle while sitting together at a dinner table, getting to know each other - especially since it means we don't have to cook that night! The Supper Club meets each month at moderately priced eating establishments. Some restaurants we have dined at include Soi4, Stone & Vine, Harold’s Corral, Olive and Ivy, Rhythm & Wine, Tanzy, and Brio Tuscan Grill. We are open to trying all kinds of new places. So if you have a favorite restaurant, pizza place, burger place, etc., let us know and we can all try it out together!  We are currently seeking a volunteer to chair this activity.  If interested contact Activity Director. 

Vitamin F (Friendship) for Fun -- Real age doctors tell us friends are good for our health. The benefits of friends are essential to our well being. Greet old friends and make new ones at this casual happy hour, which is hosted in members' homes on the fourth Friday of each month. BYOB (bring your own beverage) and snacks will be served along with friendship and conversation.  

Wine Down Wednesday -- A low key social evening for those who enjoy fun, conversation, snacks, and wine. The host and all guests will bring their own wine glasses along with an appetizer and a bottle of a wine that you enjoy. Guest are asked to bring appetizers that are simple and easy to make.  This is all about fun and not about cooking.The host will provide coffee, tea and water. We are currently seeking a volunteer to chair this activity.  If interested contact Activity Director. 

Wine Tasting -- Wine Tasting is one of the oldest and continuous activities offered to our members.  Wine Tasting appeals to those who enjoy tasting a variety of wines in a social setting.  Events generally, are held the third Saturday of the month in member's houses and hosted by members who volunteer each month.

Wine Tasting evenings begin with a starter wine, hors d'oeuvres, and social mingling.  The second part of the evening is devoted to the introduction and tasting of the four or five selected wines.  The evening ends with sweets and coffee.  Many guests often come away with a new favorite wine to add to their personal lists.

Hope to see you soon...CHEERS!


Let's Go Bicycle Riding -- Bicycle Riding offers opportunities to ride on mixed-use, paved paths in Scottsdale and Phoenix.  The rides are scheduled on various days and times to give more chances for everyone to participate.  Most paths are easy, level riding. Since we will depart from many trail heads and ride to a variety of destinations, this is a great way to explore different parks and trails within the cities. Some rides are longer and we will eat our brown bag lunch or snack, and others are shorter rides.  Whether you are a long-time rider or recently reacquainted with your bicycle, this is a wonderful way to get some exercise, breathe fresh air, and enjoy good company.  This activity is suspended for the summer and will be resuming shortly.

Hiking -- Hiking is unique in that there is not a set day or time for the hikes.  Volunteer hike organizers pick the hike, the day and time, write the article, and act as the contact person for the particular hike.  This way there is a nice variety of hike locations and levels of difficulty.  No need to keep the fun to just one hike a month!  The more coordinators there are, the more hiking we can do. 

Soles on the Sidewalk -- Please join us for a weekly Friday morning walk at a casual to moderate pace.  This "workout" is ~3 miles (7000+ steps).  We meet in the parking lot behind Morton’s Steakhouse in the Kierland shopping center at 15233 N Kierland Blvd.  We skirt the Kierland golf course and Westin Hotel property, taking in the greens and flowers along the route. A bathroom stop is along the route. Approximately a one-hour walk and mostly flat terrain.  Start time is usually 8:30 AM but may vary depending on outdoor temperature and time of year.  The activity chairperson will contact registered walkers if the time or location changes. 


Needle Arts -- Remember all the sewing and needlework you started many years ago? Now that you have time for hobbies, please join us to renew your needlework projects, or come as a beginner and find out why doing needlework is both fun and therapeutic. And we're here to help! Discover the excitement of starting a new project, the fun of being creative, and the joy of completion while having a pleasant day of conversation with friends.  


Blackjack for Everyone -- Everyone is welcome, from those who are not familiar with or have never played Blackjack (i.e. "21") to those well acquainted with the game. The first rule of this activity is to have fun. From those who are interested in playing a few hands of Blackjack to those who just want to socialize for the evening, all are welcome. Beginners can learn about the game of Blackjack in a relaxed and easy going environment. And others can enjoy playing just a few hands or for the entire evening. Just bring your favorite beverage/cocktail, the hosts will provide snacks, glasses and everything else.  We are currently seeking a volunteer to chair this activity.  If interested contact Activity Director. 

Bridge for All Levels -- Join us the second and fourth Fridays of the month for bridge whether you are an Advanced Beginner or a more experienced player.  We have a great core group and are always looking for people to play with us.  Don’t worry if you aren’t an expert, there are people to help you! 

Couples Pinochle -- Couples pinochle is an evening of food, fellowship, and fun, with players bringing their own drinks and sharing appetizers and dessert.  We will generally meet on the 3rd Friday of each month. Players limited to 6 or 8 couples.  

Daytime Euchre-- The origins of the game of Euchre may be from Europe and Canada but in the US, you may have played this trick-taking card game in the Midwest. Now, as many relocate to the Southwest, Euchre players are gathering to continue their enjoyment of the game. Guests can bring their own drinks and a snack (light - finger food) to share. Nothing messy or needing utensils, as all will be sitting and playing cards while nibbling!As space is limited, please be sure to register quickly.  Singles are welcome, this is not a pairs game.  Experience playing Euchre is required.  This activity is suspended for the summer and will be resuming shortly.

MahJongg -- If you love Mah-Jongg, join us for a fun, relaxed session of American Mah-Jongg.  We will play a couple of hands, have lunch and play again.  Please bring your 2018 Standard Card and a MahJongg set (if you have one).  Advanced Beginner through Experienced players welcome.  We will generally meet the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month.


Men at Work - In the Kitchen -- This activity is open to men who want to share their cooking skills, learn new skills, or discover what happens when you turn on the stove. The host prepares the menu and provides all the supplies to prepare the meal. The guests do the cooking at the host's home. 

The menu is heartier, more attuned to a man's taste. It isn't High Tea, nor is it a "Blazing Saddles" bean fest! Preparation may involve some grilling, baking, and/or cooking on the stove top. Recipes may reflect different themes, such as ethnic and regional cooking or recipes that are just personal favorites of the host. Everyone sits down together to eat the fruits of their joint labor.

Men's Golf -- This group plays each Monday morning at Dove Valley Ranch, approximately one mile south of Carefree Highway. All skill levels are welcome. 

Movie Matinees for Men -- Going to the movies is often a compromise - is it going to be Rambo or Jane Eyre?  Movie Matinees for Men is a chance to see a movie that is more oriented to a male audience.  Each month someone will choose a date, time, location, and movie.  Generally, the date will be the fourth Wednesday of the month for a matinee showing (afternoon).  Prior to the date, the movie will be selected.  After the movie, the group will move on to Happy Hour!  This activity has been temporarily suspended due to COVID. It will resume when the Activity Chair feels it is safe to do so. 

This is not a film club.  There will not be a formal discussion of the movie.  The cost of the movie and Happy Hour is on your own. 

Men's Peer Discussion Group -- This discussion group for men meets in an atmosphere of openness to share experiences and ideas and create new and close relationships. The meetings have a basic structure to allow for a variety of timely and interesting discussion topics. The members provide input regarding the selection of topics.

New(er) Member Men's Breakfast Group -- Introducing the New(er) Men's Breakfast Group for brand new members, newer members, and those who still feel new to the Club. The group will get together over coffee/breakfast and get acquainted with each other, the Club, and our common interests. We'll get over the new(er) guy in the Club feeling. Join us on the first Tuesday of every month at the Soul Café at 8:00 AM.


Chicks Out to the Flicks -- Are there current movies you'd like to see and would like company?  Sign up for this event and meet with the group for an early afternoon matinee on the last Monday of each month.  We solicit all registrants prior to the movie and agree on the movie and theater.  This is a great way to get out to movies you can’t find anyone to go with! 

One & Done --1 & Done is organized by volunteers who would like to share their favorite adventure or expose the group to a new adventure.  It can be educational, entertaining, social, or all of the above.  The beauty of 1 & Done is not having to sign up for a year-long commitment to organize a list of outings, just take on the one event you enjoy, work with the Chair to organize the event, host it, and you’re done. It is as easy as that.  Most events are an hour or two in length and may include a dining option immediately following the event.  The host decides the event, location, date and time, and other details. There is no limit to the number of events taking place or when they are scheduled.  The only consideration is avoiding conflict with other Newcomers activities/events.

The Club cannot prohibit or exclude anyone from attending any Newcomers & Neighbors event that is designed for or focuses on any subgroup of our membership, e.g., women, singles, over-60, etc.

Make us a part of your life!

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