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. . . Registration for activities opens at 10:00 AM on the first day of the month.

. . . Begin registering the month prior to the activity.

. . . Some activities with fees are marked with $$$ and require online payment only.


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Registering for an event (Members):

  • You must be a member and login (upper right hand corner of home page) to view all club events on the calendar.
  • Go to the Event “Calendar” and click on the item you want to register for.  Click on “Register” and follow the prompts all the way through to “Confirm”. Click on Confirm to complete the registration and receive important information about the event.
  • Activities for the current month are displayed.  You may click on “Next Month” or “Previous Month” (in upper right hand corner of the Calendar) to see other months
  • Registration for activities opens at 10:00 AM on the first day of the month preceding the month of the activity.  For example, activities scheduled for the month of September open for registration on August 1st.  You will be able to see October activities on the calendar but will not be able to register for them until September 1.  The event will say “closed” for registration.
  • If your spouse/partner will also be attending an activity, remember to add your spouse/partner as “a guest” when registering. You will need to fill in their name, even if you have included them in your Newcomer’s membership.   Do not add yourself or members different from our spouse/partner as “a guest”.  If you share the same email address, leave that field blank for the guest. 
  • If “Registration is closed” appears on the registration page of an activity, one or more of the flowing has occurred:
    1. You have tried to register for the activity too soon (before the 1st day of the prior month (see above.)
    2. The number of people that can be accommodated at the activity has been met.  Register online to be placed on the waiting list.  Often spaces open and you will be able to attend the activity.  NOTE:  New Members have waitlist priority
    3. You have tried to register for the activity too late, meaning that there is a registration deadline for the activity that has passed.  You may contact the chair to see if you can be added.

Registering for an event (Non-Members):

  • Non-members may attend a total of two “Guest Activities”.  These include Happy Hours, Coffees, Singles Meet and Greets, New Member Only Meet-Ups and General Meetings/Luncheons.
  • Non-members will see these activities (and only these activities) located on the calendar.  To register for them, follow the instructions above for Members.
  • Non-members may attend only two activities other than those designated as “Guest Activities” in one year provided all members have been accommodated and space remains available.

Cancelling Your Registration for an Event:

  • It is important to cancel your participation in an event as soon as you know you will be unable to attend in order to:
  1. Allow members on the waitlist to be able to attend the event.
  2. Enable hosts and/ or restaurants to prepare for the correct number of participants.
  • To Cancel, contact the co-chair of the event (information is included in the calendar description and confirmation email).
  • Members who have registered for an activity that has an associated cost, unless specified otherwise on the Club’s website may be refunded their payment after the activity’s cut-off date ONLY if a substitute is identified and confirmed and has paid the associated cos.t
  • Members who have registered for an activity with an associated cost and fail to attend are still responsible for the final cost.
  • Members who do not show up for an event without cancelling more than three times a year may be placed on event waitlists.

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