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Newcomers & Neighbors of the Scottsdale Area provides opportunities for members to become acquainted with other members and with the community in an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness. The Club provides helpful information for all members and promotes local and national charitable, cultural, and civic causes.

Our Club welcomes members that reside in the North, East or Central Valley.  Residency in Scottsdale is NOT a requirement to join our club, nor is it necessary that members are new to the area. The club is open to all residents (and part-time residents) of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. 

Most of all, our club is all about making friends and having fun! Membership gives you the opportunity to accomplish this goal.  You, as the primary member, may include your spouse/partner, residing at the same address, in your membership.  

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Our Club History

Published in a 2005 Club Newsletter, written by President Ann Weiss

In 1968 Barbara Hunsinger became the first President of the Scottsdale Branch of the Welcome Wagon International.   At that time the corner of Scottsdale Road and Shea was at the outer limits, for at this intersection was Mayor Drinkwater’s liquor store, the last outpost of civilization before heading out to the desert.  McCormick Ranch was just being developed, and many thought, “Who wants to live clear out there?” Scottsdale was beginning to grow and Welcome Wagon International had a paid hostess who would bring to new families a basket of “goodies” from local businesses with the idea of helping them get settled into their new community. This idea has a rich history, for a century ago, tired westward travelers approaching a distant frontier settlement were greeted by a Conestoga wagon with fresh food and water. The Welcome Wagon hostess would also tell the new people about the Welcome Wagon Club and soon there were many new members and activities in which they could participate.  Good friendships were now developing.  By 1976 Welcome Wagon had grown to over 300 members and the club some felt, had become much too large and with too many cliques for new people to feel welcome.  Lee Rapuano and her board decided to solve this situation by changing the By-Laws to state members could only be in the club for three years and then they would have to move on to an alumni group called New Dimension.  Members objected to this policy, and in 1978, a new board under the leadership of Marty Le Messurier, decided to reverse the three-year limitation and again Welcome Wagon was open to unlimited years of membership.  Linda Santoro joined in 1982 and she has the honor of being our longest sustaining member.  She became President in 1983 and is still busy chairing Brush-up Bridge and Trips & Tours. She was followed by Lou Dahle in ’85 and Rosemary Morse and Georgia Barnes in ’86.  By 1997, with Kathy Thomas as President, the club had grown to over 900 members with 57 activities.*  Gladys Waterhouse and her board, in October 1999, decided to withdraw from their association with Welcome Wagon International and change the name to Newcomers Club of Scottsdale. Andy Trice created the new logo. Jacque Cummings and Sherron Gardner brought the club into the 21st Century when Newcomers got its very own Web Site in 2003.

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Please read this article that appeared in the Arizona Republic.

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