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The NEWCOMERS CLUB OF SCOTTSDALE is a nonprofit social organization for people who have recently moved to the Phoenix metropolitan area, have experienced a change in life situation, or who simply want to make new friends and get to know the community.

In existence since 1968, the Club promotes friendship through a variety of social activities including daytime and evening events and interest groups - for both women and men.

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Find out more about our Club and let us get to know you by attending our next Luncheon, Get Acquainted Coffee, Singles - Meet and Greet, NMO Meet Up, or Happy HourFind more details in our Activities Calendar.

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Newcomers Club of Scottsdale welcomes anyone from Scottsdale and the Phoenix area who wants to meet new people! If you are interested in learning more about our Club, come and bring your partner or a friend to our next Luncheon, Get Acquainted Coffee, Singles - Meet and Greet, NMO Meet Up, or Happy Hour. Non-members may attend any of these "guest activities" twice before joining.  About Us



Community Outreach

We, as a club, have an energetic and involved group of members. In addition to our social aspect, we also value volunteering our time and effort for the many charitable organizations that aid our neighbors in need. Learn more at Community Outreach. 



September and October activities are open for registration.

Activities Descriptions

Models needed for March 24, 2016 Fashion Show Luncheon -read more-

Activities Calendar 


New Activities

Singles - National Theater Live: Everyman - Sept. 6th

Singles - "Laugh" Factory - Comedy Club - Sept 12

One & Done - Fishing

One & Done - Scotch Whiskey Tasting - Oct. 23

Editor's Notes

If you need to cancel your registration for an activity, please contact the host and/or Activity Chair.  There is no way to cancel a registration online.

Community Activities

Local Events & Things to Do
in the Scottsdale and          
Phoenix area

President's Message

It appears that we are going to get through another Arizona summer in record time and with record temperatures! 

An important event this summer is that my husband Paul has retired after over 30 years in retail. We are looking forward to figuring out what one does in “life after work” - something many of you have already done and hopefully will share with us.  We know that Newcomers can make a difference especially with the increasing number of men's activities!

Among my favorite summer light reading is “Oprah” magazine - a recent article is titled “Do You Follow?”. A business Instructor recognized that her students were so impressive that she decided to follow rather than attempt to lead them. Hence she took a suggestion box to class with the label “Feedback and Recommendations” in order to learn from their experiences and observations.

We also seek input from our "impressive" membership - positive or negative - to help us do better. Be sure to include a suggestion about how we can improve along with any negative comment.  Send to “Contact Us” found in the menu bar at the top of this website or place in the suggestion box at the fall luncheons.

This year’s Board and Team are doing a great job of leading through challenging changes, but for many their commitment will be completed the end of March. A Nominating Committee will begin looking for next year’s officers as early as October. 

We have a very talented membership of over 350 members plus spouses and we are always looking for “new" leaders in order for our Club to continue to prosper. (Note that leaders can include spouses and part-timers.) 

So when you provide "Feedback and Recommendations", consider volunteering to lead or perhaps recommending someone else in the Club. 

Looking forward to your feedback,

Carolyn White, President

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