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The NEWCOMERS CLUB OF SCOTTSDALE is a nonprofit social organization for people who have recently moved to the Phoenix metropolitan area, have experienced a change in life situation, or who simply want to make new friends and get to know the community.

In existence since 1968, the Club promotes friendship through a variety of social activities including daytime and evening events and interest groups - for both women and men.

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Newcomers Club of Scottsdale welcomes anyone from Scottsdale and the Phoenix area who wants to meet new people! If you are interested in learning more about our Club, come and bring your partner or a friend to our next Luncheon, Get Acquainted Coffee, Singles - Meet and Greet, NMO Meet Up, or Happy Hour. Non-members may attend any of these "guest activities" twice before joining.  About Us

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Community Outreach

We, as a club, have an energetic and involved group of members. In addition to our social aspect, we also value volunteering our time and effort for the many charitable organizations that aid our neighbors in need. Learn more at Community Outreach. 


Monthly Luncheons

August 25th, 11:15 AM

Luncheon at AZ88, Old Town Scottsdale


Register NowSeptember 22nd, 11:30 AM

Luncheon at Drexel Restaurant Gainey Ranch Plaza, Scottsdale


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August and September activities are open for registration.

 Activities Calendar 

 Editor's Notes

If an activity has reached the limit set for the number of registrants you can still go through the registration process to be added to the waiting list.  If there is a vacancy, the Activity Chair will contact you.

If you need to cancel your registration for an activity, please contact the host and/or Activity Chair.  There is no way to cancel a registration online.

New Activities

One & Done - OCTOBERFEST!  October 8, 2016

Register starting September 1

President's Message 

Well, hard work does pay off!  I hope most of you have seen the lovely, long My Opinion piece about our Club in the 7/23/16 Scottsdale magazine edition of the Arizona Republic.  Pat Merrill, our PR/Marketing Director, has spent several months writing numerous emails and making numerous calls to try to connect with local media.  We congratulate her on her success (and she hints there may be more exciting news in the months to follow).  Again, as I urged you last month, please help Pat even further by sending her contact information for any local community centers, newsletters, or community newspapers.  She is beginning to assemble a notebook of printed pieces about the Club, which will be on display at the check-in desk at each monthly luncheon.  But if anyone would like a personal copy of the AZ article (perfect to email on to non-member friends!), contact Pat.   

Another success story for our Club is the increasing involvement of individual and bundled male Members.  (Being bundled means that both you and your spouse receive all Club messages directly in your personal email.)  Although most active Members of the Club are women, many men participate in activities, particularly as part of a couple at our social events.  We often have enough men at a monthly luncheon to provide an optional men’s table. 

But we now have specific activities created by and for men.  Men's golf was started by Don Gardner many years ago and continues.  Harold Roth, a Newcomers Board Member, started Men at Work - in the Kitchen two years ago. The Men's Discussion Group, also begun two years ago, is continuing despite not having a Chair.  Men’s Movies started this past February after a discussion at a Men at Work lunch. It also has no chair.  If anyone is interested in joining one of these groups, please contact the Chair (listed under the Activities section on our website.)  And if you’d consider becoming a Chair, please contact Linda Sullivan, our Activities Director. 

This summer I appointed a Holiday Event Committee, chaired by Susan Stephens and including Bonnie Gaby, Betty Sayers, Mo Van Severen, Nancy Shulby, Davi Weinberg, and Carolyn White.  They are gathering ideas for ways the Club might celebrate the December holidays.  If anyone has some input, contact Susan.  Expect to hear something in September.

And finally, as always, I hope to see many of you on Thursday, August 25, at our BYOM Luncheon at AZ88 in Old Town Scottsdale.  We dined there last summer, and look forward to repeating a delightful experience.

 Ardis Willwerth, President



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